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I need more weekends like this past one. Didn't do much. We had a bunch of crazy thunderstorms. It sounded like bombs were exploding by my window. The ceiling caved in my roommate's bedroom at one in the morning and the glass bottles at the top of her closet shattered. There was an awful sound. We were so asleep that we walked around the house for at least 30 minutes looking for broken windows trying to figure out where the noise came from. It was in her room in the entire time. I didn't look in her room to begin with because I figured she had. I think she might've still been high. This means that our house might've potentially been struck by lightning for the second time.

On Saturday I lounged around the house and front porch eating strawberry popsicles. We turned our guest house into an art studio which sounds really pretentious now that I think about it. We decided that we're not doing anything work related in the guest house and it's working out nicely. I now officially have a place to procrastinate. I learned how to use water color pencils and made my first stencil. Tomorrow is pay day and I can't wait till I get off work so that I can go buy some art supplies.

I still wish I had someone to share things with...

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